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Noah’s ark

Rio de Janeiro, Sabiá, 1970

More popularly known by the album made for kids, the poems of Noah's Ark have been written by Vinicius many years before its first edition. They were written for his children Susana and Pedro de Moraes. For many years, they were stored away. Only in 1970, the set of children's poems win the world. Its release occurs in Italy, a country where the presence of the poet was constant, either through several visits and seasons or translations of his work.
It's there, exactly when Vinicius meets a Chico Buarque’s friend named Toquinho, that the album with poems for children is prepared. The album is called L'Arca. In the same year, his musical poems in Italy are released as a book in Brazil. Ten years later, two albums devoted to all children's poems by Vinicius are also released in the country with the same name as the book.

Noah's Ark has become one of the most popular books of Vinicius de Moraes for having created a bond with children. All generations have in his poems a gateway in the world of literature and the Brazilian popular music. At the same time, in the musical field, it was the first work that presented Toquinho to him,   a partner until the end of his life.

Bibliographical Note

Cover and illustrations by Marie Louise Nery